We are passionate about sharing your gifts with the world

Lightworker Digital is dedicated and passionate about helping you share your gifts with the world with a clear, targeted online presence.

That’s why we offer different packages and levels of service, depending on your budget, how much time you have, and most importantly, what you are and aren’t interested in doing yourself. Not everyone loves video editing, as much as I do for example.

Select a package below or book a free 15-minute consultation call and let’s have a chat about what we can achieve together and help spread light in the world.



Book a one hour 1-to-1 call with Chris, and we will break down how you see your business operating, what you dream about achieving, and any fears you have about getting there.

We will then devise some strategies and plans for you to implement to get your business to where you want to be.

Aside from the call, you will also receive ongoing support and are welcome to ask questions any time in the future.


This is the flagship package from Lightworker Digital where we work out exactly what you want to achieve from your business and your life.

We’ll talk about the gifts you have to offer the world, which will then work out, and implement clear strategies and processes for the things you are comfortable doing yourself.

Then, anything you don’t want to do, we will take care of.


Following on from a one on one strategy call, you will have access to a curated set of training materials that show you exactly how to run and operate your business. These will be structured in a way that gets your message out to the world and gets you earning for your passion.

This package is ideally suited if you enjoy learning new skills and are determined to design and build the lifestyle that you dream of.


We can handle anything from building a website and getting you found in Google, through to editing images and video for Social Media.
We’ll even post to and manage your pages if you like.

Book a free consultation call and let’s have a chat about what your inner voice and intuition is saying you should be sharing with the world.



Whether you have a podcast, a website, or a service-based business, I can help you monetise and get some funds coming for doing what you love.

Websites & SEO

Whether you need a website building from a scratch, and overhaul or a site that you know isn’t fulfilling it’s potential then I can help.

Social Media

Whether you need a strategy on how to approach social, or videos, and pictures editing, I can get you posting regularly with no stress.



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