Kate Williams

Incredible life purpose channel

A life purpose channel with an incredible gift 

Kate Williams has a lot to answer for… in the best possible way, read on…

Kate Williams is one of the most talented, in tune channels I have ever met in my life. She does one to one readings with people, specializing in life purpose readings. These help people gain clarity on their life, direction, and any questions that have been bothering them.

Already established and working with clients, Kate wanted to extend her reach, book herself to capacity while also increasing her rate. Lightworker digital worked with Kate to clarify her message and make it clear what it is she offers to people. We then moved onto supercharging her social media.

Kate was already doing regular daily, written channels. So we broadened the variety of posts by using video and feedback from her clients.

Due to the specialized nature of what Kate does, it is important for people to fully understand why they need her in their life. By understanding Kate we worked out how to broadcast her message to an audience in a variety of formats. This meant that every potential client could understand her gift, in a format that makes the most sense to them.

Next, we tackled Kate’s website and rebuilt it on a professional platform that will grow with her as her business continues to take off. This part was particularly important as Kate doesn’t just work as a channel. She also creates meditations and self-care products which she sells online.

So, what is it that Kate has to answer for?
Well, it was out of a chance encounter and reading with Kate that Lightworker Digital was born. I already had an established business but had been dissatisfied for a long time. Kate gave me clarity and helped me change direction. This led to a much more fulfilling working life and the Lightworker Digital business that you see before you.

How we helped

Process Design
Podcast Production
Web Design

Project Development

Kate Williams
Channel / Owner

Kate’s Results
  • Social media planned weeks ahead
  • Client bookings increasing
  • Predictable income
  • Rolling out new revenue streams

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