Dandylion Style

Built on personality & a passion for fashion

Dandylion style owner and chief tailor Igor is a person that loves fashion and truly lives his passion.

Incredibly personable, Igor is loved by all his clients and is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. Igor also happens to be the first, and therefore longest-serving client of LWD, and we have been on quite the journey together…

Initially drafted to overhaul a previous website of Igor’s, Lightworker Digital spotted a revenue stream and service that was not only not being utilized by Igor but would also help him indulge his passion even further.

By suggesting that Igor start freelancing as a visiting tailor, and also providing his first client, Dandylion Style was born. In the 8 years since then, as a team, we have kept Igor on the cutting edge with a website and strategy on par with even the most expensive London tailors.

How we helped

Web Design & maintenance
Business Design

Project Development

Igor Srzic
Founder / Lead Tailor

I have been working with Chris for over 10 years, in fact, Dandylion Style wouldn’t exist without him as being a visiting tailor was his idea! He is always available to help with ideas or any questions and I now wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Dandylion Style’s Results
  • New service suggested by LWD is now the largest revenue stream
  • Website visits continue to grow
  • Igor opened a store off the back of his website success
  • Regular media coverage
  • Steady booking of clients

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